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 Get Legal Advice


​​Obtain legal advice about business regulations and licensing

The Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai has built its structure around ease of business and providing as much support as possible to new companies looki​ng to either enter or expand in one of world's most exciting marketplaces.

The streamlining of processes and procedures and the ever-increasing move towards online registration and licensing means starting a business in Dubai has never been easier.

While the vast majority of the requirements, regulations and rules are comprehensive, the diversity of Dubai's economy means that there will always be cases where extra clarification is needed.

​​DED's Legal Affairs Sector is always on hand to lend advice and provide a qualified counsel on individual cases. It may be that there is a unique case which requires new or amended regulations or a complex business activity which needs professional judgment​.​ 


No appointment is needed nor fee to be paid. For more information and inquiries please contact us.


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