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 List of Commercial Compliance Fines

​​List of Commercial Compliance Fines


# Description Fine Value
1Failure to renew a license within the specified time-limit. AED 250
2Store front facade Shading by more than 50%.AED 250
3Failure to attend when requested by DEDAED 500
4Not keeping prices list the approved by DED during sales or special offers.AED 500
5Not placing the approved prices tags on the products (sales/special offers)AED 500
6Place an advertisement board inside the establishment without permission.AED 500
7Unavailability of advertising boards bearing the trade name. AED 500
8Practicing a business activity at un-registered locationAED 1000
9Promoting products through travelling vendors and door-to-door sellers.AED 500
10Storing goods inside offices and storesAED 1000
11Display products or provide services outside stores without permission.AED 1000
12Door-to-door selling.AED 1000
13Incompliance with permission to work for additional hours. AED 1000
14Incompliance with the time framework specified in the discount sale permit (discounts/special offers) AED 1000
15Distribute and place advertising publications in public/private institutions without permission.AED 1000
16Incompliance with the advertisement standards approved by DED.AED 1000
17Failure to use the Dubai Summer Surprises or Dubai Shopping Festival posters and advertising materials Upon participation in the festivals. AED 1000
18Refusal to sign seizure report or confiscation report or samples report. AED 1000
19Work for additional hours without DED permission.AED 1500
20Change or add a permitted activity without permission from DED or the concerned government authority AED 2000
21Exploitation of the establishment location to practice unpermitted activitiesAED 2000
22Non commitment to the undertaking submitted to DED or any issued instructions, requirements or regulationsAED 2000
23Non commitment to gymnasiums working hours specified as per age categories AED 2000
24Promoting a product or a service directly through doorstep selling and telephone sales.AED 2000
25Open an additional office for an existing license without permission.AED 2000
26Placing kiosks/counters/cabinets for commercial purposes without permission. AED 2000
27Incompliance with the space area specified in the sales/discounts/special offers permit.AED 2000
28Incompliance with the time framework specified for the raffle draw.AED 2000
29The price list approved by DED is unmatched with the prices placed on the displayed products.AED 2000
30Practicing a permitted business activity outside the registered establishment AED 2500
31Non-commitment to permit termsAED 3000
32Installing lucky slot machines and other gambling games machines. AED 3000
33Sell explosive toys or fireworks and dangerous devices.AED 3000
34Placing ATMs outside bank or vending machines without permission from DED.AED 3000
35Extend the promotional campaign without the permission of DED.AED 3000
36Unsettlement of the promotional campaign status within two months.AED 3000
37Practicing a business activity without a licenseAED 5000
38Announcing the practice of an economic activity in default of applicable regulations AED 5000
39Presence of male workers or visitors in ladies salons or gyms or massage centers or vice versa. AED 5000
40Organize and hold (a conference/exhibition) without a permission from DED.AED 5000
41Restaurants and similar establishments incompliance with work permission requirements during the month of Ramadan daytime.AED 5000
42Restaurants /cafes and similar establishments working during the month of Ramadan daytime. AED 5000
43Sell promotional campaign tickets without permission. AED 5000
44Delaying the prize/ cash delivery for winners of the raffle draw during the period specified by DED. AED 5000
45Incompliance with the period specified in the liquidation permit.AED 5000
46Incompliance with the locations specified for the promotional campaign events.AED 5000
47Implement the promotional campaign differently from the permitted method.AED 5000
48Incompliance with the time limit specified by DED to remove the violations.AED 5000
49Use of the Dubai Summer Surprises or Dubai Shopping Festival posters and advertising materials without permission. AED 5000
50Release of products confiscated by DED.AED 5000
51Holding products from anonymous sources or undocumented or fake documents for the purpose of commercial display or sale. AED 5000
52Practicing a business activity in an establishment closed by DEDAED 10000
53Obstructing the work of DED employeesAED 10000
54Sell or display obscene/contradictory with Islamic instructions/abusive to State or traditions publications or products or devices. AED 10000
55Prizes raffle draw without DED representative presence. AED 10000
56Conduct sales, discounts, offers, promotional campaigns or giving prizes without permission.AED 10000
57Practicing economic business in the establishment while being closed by DED.AED 10000
58Setting up a commercial tent without permission from DED.AED 15000
59Manipulate or falsify in prizes raffle draw. AED 15000
60Manufacture or display or sale or market or promote products violating DED applicable legislations. AED 15000
61Submitting false information to DED AED 20000
62Place/exploit logos of Dubai Shopping Festival logo or Dubai Summer Surprises without permission. AED 20000


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