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 Submission Document


Submission Document

All submission documents should be submitted as a pdf to the award office by the end of October, every year. Submission should be no longer than 20 pages (15 pages main document + 5 pages appendices). It should cover the contents, overview, main body of the submission and attachments (appendices). All pages should be single, spaced and typed in a size 12 font Times New Roman or Arial or any preferred legible font.


Submission must be in the following format:

(Please ask the award office for the submission document template)


  1. Title page: Name, address of the organization, website, award category, economic sector, year of application.
  2. Overview: includes the scope, brief history of the organization, Vision, Mission, Values, Core Ideology, how the business works, organization chart, locations, number of employees, major achievements, challenges and other key information.
  3. Main body of submission: should be based on the DHDA award criteria, containing information on Enablers and Results. Enablers will be presented in the Enabler Map format and Results in graphical format, as per the template.   
  4. Attachments (Appendices)
  5. Rules for applicants: DHDAA Applicants must focus on showing results that are caused by approaches and favorable trends that extend for at least 2 years, DHDA Applicants must focus on showing results for at least 3-4 years, with benchmarks against national competitors and/or industry standards as applicable and for DHDGA Applicants Results must be for 5 years and cover all relevant areas extending beyond the 3 years expected for DHDA.

Award Validity: Winners of the DHDAA or DHDA may apply for the next category of the Award after 2 years, from the time they receive their previous feedback report. Nonetheless, while organizations are encouraged to reapply for the award every 2 years, subsequent submissions must concentrate on recent approaches and improvement activities during the past 2 years, rather than reproducing an augmented version of the old submission.


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